Friday, January 04, 2013

Very Stylish (Redband) Trailer for 'Evil Dead'

I'm impressed. This trailer holds promise.

Looking at the rundown at IMDb I'm also impressed by the fact the movie is directed by Federico Álvarez, who is making his feature debut. Producer/co-writer/horror legend Sam Raimi must have been duly impressed by the 3 shorts Álvarez made (his only work). So, let's take a look at one of them, 'El Cojonudo'.

Nice. Tight editing/framing, good visual subtext, nice work with the actors, good pacing. The dialogue? Can't say, but even in Spanish (?) it feels pretty right. I like the 'once-upon-a-time' style. The standout thing about the short is how absolutely sure Álvarez is. He doesn't try, doesn't hope for your approval. He knows exactly what he's going for and throws it down. That's got to be one of the factors in Raimi's decision to go with this guy. Raimi probably also liked the comedic thread in 'El Cojonudo' -- that's it's creepy but funny at the same time just like the original 'Evil Dead'.

The short by Álvarez that got everyone talking, though, is 'Panic Attack!'. It's not as good storywise but has more pop appeal and certainly shows off some technical chops.

Here's the trailer for Álvarez's first feature, 'Evil Dead'. This guy is one to watch for.


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