Thursday, January 03, 2013

'A Good Day To Die Hard', The Next McClane Steps Up

Okay, so we get a look at John McClane's son, Jack, and you have to wonder how many more of these Bruce Willis is planning to headline -- alone at least. Looks like Jai Courtney has what it takes -- tough but not stupid tough, good looking but not stupid good looking, likeable but not... Just like Willis.

I'll be expecting Jai to be more center stage for the next Die Hard (he already is in the still above) with Willis perhaps guest starring in the one after that (if he appears at all).

Trailer has an artsy 'short-film' edit and I can't help but notice some too-safe practical effects. Money shot at the end is, well, admirably over-the-top. I'm guessing the movie will be filled with such shots. Looking good. Better than the last one. Well, way better.


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