Friday, January 25, 2013

Clip from 'Gambit'. Written by the Coens, However...

The fact 'Gambit' was written by Joel and Ethan Coen is front and center on the poster. Their names are above the title no less.

Since when does the screenwriter's name(s) go above the title? That's where the star's name(s) go. That's where the hottest selling point goes, yes? Well... Perhaps that answers the question. The Coens work has a lot of fans. Who doesn't love the Coens' movies?

And, it may have looked clever on paper, may have read funny as hell but, as directed by Michael Hoffman, the screenplay for 'Gambit' is rendered as shtick.

US release is potentially set for winter 2013. So, 'Gambit' will make a play at the end of the year against the strongest awards contenders when competition for box office dollars is toughest. That, truly, is a gambit.

I can't see anyone wanting to see this. Not at the theater (especially in fall/winter), not on TV, not on cable. Not anytime.

The only thing missing from the clip are drum stings. Who could sit through 90 minutes of this stuff?


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