Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jeff Wells on 'Lincoln'

Jeff Wells (Hollywood Elsewhere) is nothing if not opinionated. Thing is, his opinions have become so extreme, is that the right word?, lately (read: increasingly over the last few years) that they've lost a great deal of credibility. 'Heatedly emotional' might be the best, most fair and objective, description of his carrying on. He regularly flirts with topics that nobody would touch and often puts his cards on the table with blatant disregard for, well...standards.

Erik Lundegaard has a pretty cool rundown of Wells' flip-flopping on 'Lincoln'. Here's a bit:

He searches for people who agree with him. Here's one: an unnamed producer! Who says he would've left early but AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN was sitting next to him, weeping, and to walk out would be unseemly. Leading JW to imagine this scene:
  • November 10: Weeping African-American Guy: ”Ohh-hoh-hoh...heeeeshh-hee-hee...hee-hee-heesh....weep...weep.“ Producer: ”Excuse me there, fella. Gotta get by.“ Weeping African-American Guy: ”I, uh....wait, you're leaving? I don't even know you but you're leaving? What are you made of? You're walking out on a movie about Abraham Lincoln? Did you vote for Romney? Producer: “It's a free country, pal...okay? You can weep and moan and make all the noise you want, but this is a slow turgid thing and it's not doing it for me. And I voted for Obama, if you want to know.” --Lincoln Reactions, Please
The New York Times agrees with him, too...
  • November 17: “The 11.16 N.Y. Times ”Sweet Spot“ (i.e., A.O. Scott and David Carr chit-chatting and sometimes interviewing Times staffers) is about guilty non-pleasures — art forms and entertainments that you're supposed to like but you just can't. And the most persistent non-pleasure of the Times newsroom? Lincoln.” — Not to Beat a Dead Horse
You know who else agrees with him? Everyone....
  • November 17: “I stood in an Arclight lobby the other night (i.e., just before the Anna Karenina premiere screening) as a crowd that had just seen Lincoln walked past me. They were a bit glummed out; their faces seemed a little somber and even haggard. No faint smiles; no looks of calm or serenity. Most seemed to be saying to themselves, 'All right, that's over...where can we eat? In fact, let's just get a drink.'”Homework and Trances
Erik's write up is worth a read and pretty much dead on.


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