Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pop The New Trailer for 'Side Effects'

Watching this it occurs to me everything Steven Soderbergh does has made-for-TV zip. I don't mean that in a bad way. I couldn't really support that notion (obviously). His movies certainly aren't superficial, but that TV energy, that edge -- the moment to moment pop needed to keep people from changing the channel -- is present in Soderbergh's work.

I can't think of another director that delivers that. It's something about the way dialogue cuts, loaded scenes, and the intensity and closeness of blocking especially in tight places like offices (but it's also there in outdoor scenes). It's a density we see in TV shows all the time. I believe that's the case for all his work. I can't think of an exception.

Movies with subtext and layers, yes, we get them from many directors and 'Side Effects' I'm sure will deliver on those levels. But, we don't get many movies with the kind of sizzle Soderbergh brings. The guy can make anything good. Not many directors would tackle the stories Soderbergh produces, not without adding plot devices meant to add spice which, in turn, would cheapen it up and dumb it down.

Soderbergh keeps it real but makes it entertaining.

As for these trailers, they keep getting better. For some reason I had my doubts about this at first. Now, it's a total must-see.


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