Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Strike 2 -- Or -- John Carter 2013

Yesterday, we got some stills from 'The Lone Ranger' which looked just as silly as the first picture. I'm not able to see how anybody, especially kids who don't even know who/what the Lone Ranger is, will want to see this.

Today, we get a poster which reflects much the same attitude on the part of whoever designed it. This says 'so what'. "Never take off the mask" means nothing to anyone and doesn't reflect any action taken by a hero figure or theme (unless the movie is about not being known). No kid is going to say 'Look! I'm never taking this mask off!' Or, 'When I grow up I want to always wear a mask!'

It's not clear whose eyes we're looking at, which yields kind of a creepy/edgy conceptual tone that doesn't fit with this type movie. The flaking paint motif will not appeal to kids -- that just says 'old timey' and kids ain't interested in seeing that, especially considering there will be top-drawer competition vying for box office dollars come summer next year.

This poster constitutes strike 2 in a completely flat campaign that's not generating any 'buzz' other than utilitarian comments noting the movie is being prepared for release.

I've never understood this product, not as a major movie. It came as no surprise when they killed the production. But then, it came back to life. I thought for sure it would never go in front of cameras and would end up cancelled again. But, no. And, here we are a year or so later, and it's not looking great. Really, it's looking like something that should have stayed cancelled.

If the draw in this country is hard to figure, the appeal overseas, where bloated budgets tend to get paid for more and more these days, is even more difficult to pin down. Who will to want to see 'The Lone Ranger' in China? Will that mean anything to people in Germany or Russia?

We should be getting a teaser trailer soon. That'll be telling. Strike 3 or the first step in the right direction? Will this be Disney's 2013 'John Carter' or can TLR possibly score?


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