Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Is It Just Me...

Gotta be honest. I was nodding off after 30 seconds.

Is it just me? People want to see this kind of product? Still? After all these decades?

And, on X-mas? This is what they think people will line up to see Christmas day? If it was any other weekend, maybe. But Christmas. Man, this could flop.

But, then, thinking about it 'The Guilt Trip' could be effective counter-programming. I mean, the family's in town and you can either go see a raunch-fest like 'This is 40' or a family swept away in a flood in 'The Impossible' -- both in their second week, the Tarantino shoot-to-kill 'Django Unchained', or a bleak musical -- 'Les Miz'.

Hell, all things considered 'The Guilt Trip' is the most palatable option. Go figure.


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