Monday, October 08, 2012

Karenina's Contemporary Vibe

Joe Wright's take on 'Anna Karenina' is nothing if not fresh. Controversial, perhaps double-edged, risky, but to me, very smart.

The new posters capture this freshness.  This first one, for example, is loaded with reflections -- not something you'd expect from a 'classically' shot and presented rendition.

This, except for the fur coat, feels like a contemporary romantic dramedy. You almost expect the camera to pull wide revealing they're on a Manhattan street in front of a Starbucks. It also has a bit of blur -- a very modern touch that imparts a sense of motion and action, a live-ness, which is just about as opposite from the staid, almost dusty, visuality of most period pieces.

This one looks like an iPhone snapshot you might see on Flickr.

And the subject motion in this one would never be allowed to advertise the standard-issue AK. This one goes beyond 'sense of motion'. It's just soft. Another type of imagery you wouldn't normally associate with this title.

There are a few more


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