Wednesday, October 03, 2012

This Is Just A Slap In The Face


You see a poster like this and instantly know the movie will not do well. They couldn't even put the boilerplate at the bottom? It's in the middle of the graphic. No way.

And, what's with that tagline? "Proof can be a powerful weapon?" I'm going to want to see this because 'proof is powerful'? That means nothing. Maybe if it hinted at some kind of action, like: "It's not the proof that counts, it's what you do with it." Yeah, that would get me interested. What's the guy going to do once he has proof? Hmm? That could get butts in seats. But, the concept that 'proof is powerful'? Dude, we already knew that. Yeah, proof is damn good stuff. We knew that. Tell us something we want to hear like, 'Wait till you see what this badass motherfucker does once he gets the proof he needs'. Tell us something like that.


Here's a suggestion for a better tagline: "You want to dangle shitty posters in front of us with fine print slapped right in the middle like you don't even care about composition or aesthetics and your two leads striking a generic pose that tells us nothing about their characters or the plot then expect us to want to see the movie like a bunch of mindless drooling Pavlov dogs? Okay. Fine. Fuck you guys and your stoopid movie."'s hoping the trailer kills.


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