Friday, June 01, 2012

The Truth is Within

The web-only series 'Daybreak' started today. Good production value, acting is possibly the best I've seen in this venue, and writing clicks pretty well. A sci-fi action/thriller that plays well online, 10 minutes at a time.

Has a very '24' feel, very mysterious. The audience is kept off balance and plays catch up. Appropriate as it's directed by Jon Cassar, producer of '24' as well as 'Terra Nova'. Written by Raven Metzner who has worked on 'Clue', 'Life is Wild', and 'Six Degrees'.

Here's the site where you can watch, but there's a second site with clues as to what's going on including animated graphics, cryptic photos (like the one above) and audio files (also pretty mysterious).

It's all well done and could be fun if you're into that kind of thing.


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