Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Totally Wow Trailers (And An Okay Poster) for the Must-See Australian Thriller 'Crawl'

Firstly, that's a nice title. Secondly, the poster doesn't quite do the movie justice. Thirdly, these trailers rock. Here's the new international cut.

Here's an earlier edit with a very nice sense of rhythm.

Directed by first-timer Paul China, from his own script. We'll be seeing more from this guy.

Some review clips (from the official site):
  • "Paul and Benjamin China have created a masterpiece" - Planet Fury.  
  • "A stunning first movie that drips with suspense" - Horrorphile.  
  • "The China Brothers first feature film is nothing short of a triumph" - AndyErupts.  
  • "A stunning piece of cinema…" - Blogomatic 3000.  
  • "It has cult classic written all over it…" Media Culture: Best Films of 2011.  
  • "An exhilarating debut...truly impressive" Media Culture.  
  • "Restrained, riveting and resonant...makes an immediate impact" - ArtsHub.  
  • "A thrilling cinematic work crafted with dark nuance and graceful skill" - SBS Film.  
  • "Glorious stuff" - Time Off.  
  • "Paul China is a master of suspense" - Film Radar.  
  • "China has hit a home run" - Horror Movie A Day.  
  • "Rivals No Country for Old Men in gritty style and suspense...an assured Hitchcockian slow-burn" - Dread Central. 


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