Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Selling 'Rock of Ages'

Adam Shankman talks it up.

I like this scene. A bit mechanical (maybe) but it's well written and defines Jaxx's character (I'm assuming this comes early in Act I). This is pretty easy to sell:

But, stuff like this... Will people go for this. Okay, let's be honest, will guys go for this? Plays great on Broadway, but on the big screen?

Really, though, thinking about it, 'Rock of Ages' will be a strong rental and play great on TV/Cable for years so theatrical box office may not mean that much. However, with a budget of $80 million and a runtime of 123 minutes you got to wonder. (How do you spend that much on a musical -- a film version of a Broadway show -- and why does such a movie need to run over 2 hours)?

Opens June 15, going up against 'Prometheus' in its 2nd week and 'That's My Boy'. The following week 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' and 'Brave' open.


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