Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Posters That Make You (Meaning Me) Think -- 'Friends with Kids'

The first thing I know after looking at this poster is 'I gotta see this movie', and right away I'm like 'what'?

I mean, I don't watch this kind of thing. There's some people, some have kids, there's issues related to having kids, lots of talk about having kids or making babies loaded with subtext and pop references, funny situations loaded with subtext and pop references, several scenes in restaurants and bars (drinks in hand) where they talk about having kids and how their lives are so very different (in a funny way) than when they didn't have kids, a character with no kids who everyone envies except he/she is not really happy but only kinda happy and wishes he/she had kids of his/her own even though he/she can see how messed up the lives of the people who have kids are, and in the end everyone learns lessons about what's really important in life (both theirs and those who either do or do not have kids)...not so much for me.

So, why do 'I gotta see this movie' again? Because of Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig. They've become must-see since 'Bridesmaids'. Plus, there's Megan Fox who I like and think can do good work, despite all the bloggers that tell me otherwise. She's up in Judd Apatow's 'This is 40' next, so -- come on. Plus, she plays a character named Mary Jane in this movie. Really -- that's got to mean something.

At this point I will see any movie with Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig. That may change, it's got to change -- at some point. However, it may not. It may never change. Movies with these two funny, smart, believable actors may forever be must-see. We'll see.

For now, we have this poster. The check box thing is kinda clever, you gotta admit. Admit it!


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