Wednesday, January 25, 2012

International Trailer for 'Red Lights'

Rollout has been shaky, but I have hopes for this one. Good news: 'Red Lights' was just picked up for US distribution by Millennium Entertainment. Bad news: the flick got a 'lackluster reaction' at its Sundance showing according to Anne Thompson, who says, "The film delivers genuine thrills and strong performances from the two leads and Sundance no-show Robert DeNiro as a powerful and dangerous blind telepath (Elizabeth Olsen is just ok in a slight girlfriend role) and could be edited into submission..." and goes on to imply it may not do too well in theatrical release but could score on VOD.

Daniel Feinberg said in his review: "Red Lights" is a generally infuriating and occasionally intriguing muddle of a movie that spins wildly out of control in its final half-hour, climaxing in a two-minute montage of voiceover and exposition that either does or doesn't turn the rest of the movie upside-down in maddening fashion.

Okay, fine. Let's hope the flick gets a killer edit and scores. 'The Devil Inside' was called worse than 'muddled' and look what happened there. In the end, though, it doesn't matter to me -- I love this type stuff. Looking forward.



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