Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Poster/Banner for 'The Woman in Black'

The tree limb through Daniel Radcliffe's head is a bit unfortunate, and the font chosen for his name clashes considering this is a period piece (And, all caps? Please. That makes no sense), however the poster is dutifully creepy and under-saturated except for those blazing blues, and it shows off most of the flick's pertinent elements: fog, a grave, a mysterious figure lurking in the distance, stormy skies, a lone house with attic windows lit (who could be up there?), and -- for extra credit, it seems -- a gloomy bit of forest, which I don't think appears in the movie or the moors, generally speaking, but looks good nonetheless.

The tagline 'Fear her curse', however (again, in all caps? Serifs and lower case, if you wouldn't mind), sets taglines back a good century, or so. Despite coming it at a svelte three syllables it still manages to be one of the most ungainly bits of one-sheet script I've encountered. Although, as a warning, it's direct -- almost severely so -- and you're sure to beware, once you stop giggling, that is. The only thing that could make it clunkier would be an exclamation point. It makes one wonder what's next -- Be afraid! The Woman in Black is coming! Be afraid now!

The graphic, flawed though it may be, does maintain the status quo for awareness -- the movie hits February 3.

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