Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Poster for 'The Innkeepers'

Here's another fantastic poster for 'The Innkeepers':

Simply works. Great dynamic range -- the shadows are murky but you can make out detail, and the lettering near the door is intensely lit, nearly blown, and mellows nicely across the carpet.

Reminds me of posters for spy thrillers from the 60s, especially in the style and layout of the title font. Very retro and used well here. There's also a vague Hitchcock/Saul Bass vibe that I like.

The new tag: "Every room has a secret" fits this poster well. It's refreshing that they change the line in each poster. I can't remember seeing that before.

My only crit is the flashlight beam is too blown and (maybe) too white, too pure. A warmer yellowish/green light would be better, more in keeping with the 70s tone/style.

I'm betting this, or something like it, will be what they use closer to release. Previous posters have been nice, very artsy, but not mainstream. Maybe too intense for average moviegoers. This style is more commercial, accessible, and will draw an audience.

So far, a great campaign and this graphic meets the high standard set by previous one-sheets. What's clear is somebody cares about this movie. Along with the excellent trailers, good signs.

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