Friday, October 28, 2011

Another Great Poster for 'The Innkeepers'

I like this a lot.

Beautiful. Very genre but genuinely creepy at the same time. "Some guests never check out." strikes just the right tone -- a bit cheeky but with some weight. Love the somewhat cheesy 70s font. Goes with the tone well. Hope the movie has that character-driven thing from that era.

The large looming keys-as-headstones motif is just right. Graves equal death, keys allow passage through a locked portal, etc. Nice.

Does not look like this poster is by Tom Hodge, who did the first two one sheets for this movie:


Hodge, by the way, also did this for 'Hobo with a Shotgun', which is pretty much iconic at this point:

The reason I mention Hodge's work is simply to establish pedigree. The posters for 'The Innkeepers' have been so good it must reflect the quality of the movie. True, director Ti West is known for schlock-horror, but perhaps he's going for something different.

There's also something in the stills, some quality that's compelling:

Sarah Paxton -- just doesn't look like schlock. If Innkeepers turns out to be a cheap slasher/shock ride it'll still be known for having had some of the best posters.

Seems like a good ole haunted house creepshow. Looking forward.

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