Monday, November 14, 2011

Jeffrey Katzenberg on 'Real-Time' Animation

From Cnet:

"An expert animator can do about three seconds of animation in a week," said Katzenberg...

Even more challenging is that the designers are working largely in the dark, unable for hours to see, for instance, how exactly a character's leg moves during a dance scene. The complexity of the imaging--which needs to begin as low resolution and then requires an eight-hour rendering process--means that animators are working "almost as though they are working blind."

The result is an enormous amount of waiting.


DreamWorks is in the final year of a four-year partnership with Intel to develop authoring tools and visual technology that's making the process real-time, which, he said, has always been the "holy grail" in animation.


"The implications of this are absolutely revolutionary," he said, arguing that any business that uses high-end rendering--whether it's an oil rig builder or aircraft designer--should be able to take advantage of what DreamWorks and Intel are spearheading.

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