Friday, November 11, 2011

The Struggling-to-Listen-Politely Poster for 'Carnage'

Graphic is designed to be off-putting -- the too bright background that makes it difficult to see the subjects, slightly sick undersaturated pewter borders, the too polite company waiting for the oh-so-crafted yet, for all appearances, off-the-cuff oration to...finally...end. We've all been there:

"Yes. I agree with you in general terms, who wouldn't...
(pause, eye contact, fake smile)
...but isn't it a bit presumptuous for us to assume..." (Et cetera)

From a scene that was impeccably directed. Each actor delivers a pitch perfect rendition of characters that are not too attractive, at least at the moment, under the circumstances. I look at any one of them and think, "Oh, this person is the centerpiece of the scene. The action revolves around him/her. He/she stands in judgment and/or makes a fool of him/herself." Then look at the next and think the same thing. Rare.

Very smart. Captures just the right tone. If you can appreciate this poster you'll probably get into the movie. If not, well, just skip it.

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