Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The What-Are-You-Looking-At Poster for 'Young Adult'

Lighting, like the character it illuminates, is harsh. Facial shadows are too deep due to a hair light that's almost directly overhead (instead of behind the subject so the hair is lit but not the face). Appropriate. Nicely done.

Charlize Theron looks great in trailers and brings it in this poster. Pitch-perfect sneer filled with loathing borne of juvenile self-pity, garish sunglasses too light to block enough light to be effective with over-large lenses to spook anyone who gets close enough, expensive boutique shopping bag crumpled in the same way you would crumple the bag a scone would be served in, 'I-don't-care-what-you-think' sweat pants, and an annoying wind-up yapshit pooch.

Every element perfectly chosen. This character is deliciously unsavory (sorry). Um...gloriously unlikeable. Wonderfully bad. Has an ickiness you want to embrace. Pitch-perfect.

Very much looking forward to this flick. Can't wait. Tops my list. Really, nothing comes close.

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