Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trailer for 'This Means War'

Trailer tap dances and sidesteps jaded assessment that weary bloggers are usually eager to tag movies like this with. Kooky fun, sure -- but good? I figured I'd hate it, was prepared to hate it, even wanted and looked forward to hating it, but...didn't.

Tom Hardy and Chris Pine seem pitch-perfect (yes, that's what I'm going with) as CIA super-agents dating the same girl. Reese Witherspoon looks good here (yes, I mean that).

A mid-February rom-com action diversion that's actually enjoyable, clever? Here's hoping. Hey -- it made me use turns of phrase I never have before and never will again. That's something.

You'll excuse me. I'm going to watch the trailer again. It's the best thing I'm likely to see all day. (Yeah, I mean that too).

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