Monday, October 10, 2011

Russian Poster for 'The Rum Diary' Sells Relationship

Interesting how connecting with another person is featured in this poster. Wouldn't have expected that in a Russian one sheet. Don't know why, just surprises me.

By contrast, to introduce us to the concept, and to make things clear, booze was featured in the first domestic poster (along with some conceptual reading):

Then, to further clarify what we'd be in for, addiction, debauchery, and collapse was front and center in the second poster (no reading required, just look at the picture, put two and two together):

Then, to reel us back in, (in case we were too turned off by the subject matter and highfalutin conceptual stuff), the star, Johnny Depp, is the main selling point of the latest poster (no booze, no reading, just a pretty face):

But, only in the Russian poster is any kind of relationship with another person featured. U.S. posters don't even hint that other people are in the movie. Curious. Really. Says something about US us.

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