Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Tideland directed by Terry GilliamHere's the pitch: A father, Jeff Bridges, teaches his daughter, Jodelle Ferland, how to prepare injections of heroin so that he can take his 'vacations'.

It may have a certain yuck factor, but "Tideland" is the latest effort by Terry Gilliam and it's one of the oddest movies to have come along in a while. It's so off-putting Gilliam himself appears at the beginning of the movie to appeal to the audience not to walk out, saying "Many of you are not going to like this film," and finishing with, "I was sixty-four when I made this film, and I think I finally discovered the child within me. It turned out to be a little girl. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." Not exactly reassuring, but it watches better than it reads.

The picture is now out on DVD. The trailer looks quite inventive and I may give this one a spin. Steve Inskeep talks with Gilliam (7:19). On the same page there are links to the complete intro by Gilliam and two clips.

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