Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Samuel L. Jackson Sings The Blues

Black Snake Moan"Black Snake Moan" is shaping up to be one of the events of 2007. Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci play two strung-out characters -- Jackson is Lazarus, who is coming off a bad marriage and emotional betrayal. Ricci is Rae, a victim of abuse who turns to self-destruction. When Lazarus discovers Rae half naked, beat up and passed out on his lawn he takes her in, and after finding out her history, chains her to the radiator to facilitate curing her of her ways.

Samuel L. Jackson in Black Snake MoanThe movie's site has lots of stuff, but my favorite perk is the complete soundtrack -- not just samples -- the entire thing. I've never heard of a free soundtrack being made available before the movie came out, or for that matter, after the movie comes out. Jackson sings a couple tracks and does a pretty nice job. The tunes are all gritty down-south blues/rock that's reminiscent of Led Zeppelin -- especially track 4: When the Lights Go Out by The Black Keys. The site also has clips, stills, and blinking pictures of either Jackson's tummy or Ricci's tummy, I'm not sure which it is.

This movie has story. Nice job.

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