Monday, February 05, 2007

China Blue

Factory workers from the documentary China Blue
What are these girls doing? Goofing? Trying a new fad? That's what I figured when I first saw this still from "China Blue", the documentary by Micha Peled.

I was truly shocked when I learned the clothes pins are used by workers to stay awake during long shifts making blue jeans in Chinese factories.

Filmed over four years, China Blue focuses on the Lifeng factory in Shaxi, China, and three girls who work there: Jasmine, 16, who travels from the countryside in search of a better job (a thread cutter); Orchid, 19, a zipper-installer who travels to meet her boyfriend; and Li Ping, 14, a seamstress. For her work as a thread cutter, averaging a pair of jeans per half hour, Jasmine makes half a yuan, or six cents.

Complete story at The Reeler

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