Sunday, February 11, 2007

Black Snake Moan

Christina Ricci in Black Snake MoanWhen I first heard the pitch for "Black Snake Moan" I just rolled my eyes. Christini Ricci plays a victim of sexual abuse who turns to sleeping with everybody in sight as a way of coping.

Sam Jackson is a former blues guitarist who discovers Ricci passed out after a night of partying, and chains her to a radiator in an effort to cure her of her destructive ways, saying “God seemed fit to put you in my path and I’m gonna cure you of your wickedness.”

So. A man chains a half-naked nymphomaniac to his radiator...(roll eyes here).

Sam Jackson in Black Snake MoanI thought this plot had 'cheap exploitation' stamped all over it -- but, alas, I may have been wrong ('may have been' is code for 'was'). This picture is getting some very fine reviews and all the clips I've seen point in the right direction. This is shaping up to be a statement by writer/director Craig Brewer on ever failing moral standards.

IESB has seven clips from "Black Snake Moan". They're all good but the 11-minute making-of feature and music video are a cut above.

Where would we be if people didn't do work like this? Yes, I 'may have been'...wrong.

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