Sunday, February 18, 2007

Best Score (Part II)

Liane Hansen and Andy Trudeau continue their rundown of the music nominated for Best Score. This week they listen to the scores for "The Good German" by Thomas Newman, who "has created a 1940s soundtrack filled with grand gestures of a golden age to go along with it," and "Pan's Labyrinth" by Javier Navarette, which is "centered on a little girl's daydreams, by putting a lullaby at the heart of a lullaby at the heart of the score."

Last week Liane and Andy reviewed the scores for "Babel" and "The Queen", next week it's "Notes on a Scandal" by Philip Glass.

So far, the score for "The Good German" is my favorite. Thomas Newman pays homage to his father Alfred in a score which is classical and layered and not at all the superficial 'movie' melodies that so typically nudge our emotions in the desired direction -- Newman's score stands on its own. Nice listening for a Sunday.

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