Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Violence in 'Prisoners'

I agree with Hugh Jackman -- real violence is far more gruesome than the silly operatic fights in action or superhero movies. Still, I don't really believe 'Prisoners' will go there. Maybe, but I doubt it. It's just too ugly.

Jackman mentions a scene with a hammer. Really? This movie will depict someone getting hit with a hammer? There may be intense moments, very focused acting, but when it comes down to it I'm thinking there will be a swing, a scream, then a bloodied face (or hand or whatever).

An angry man of Jackman's size, stressed out, not thinking, filled with repulsion toward Paul Dano's (character), desperate to get information about his missing daughter, could easily destroy someone's face with a single hammer blow.

I do hope they deliver. We see too much prettied-up stagey fights and violence in movies. If a movie is going to go there it should be, in many cases, much more realistic. It's not about gore, it's about taking responsibility. You have to own up to what you depict. Say, "This is real. This is what happens when you hit or shoot someone. They don't just walk away. There are consequences."

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