Saturday, February 09, 2013

Spanish Poster for 'Upside Down' -- Better Than Ours, As Usual

I started noticing a long time ago and the trend continues. Well, it's not a trend, it's status quo. Foreign posters are better than ours. Not only are they more human, less conceptual and distant than our posters, they are often graphically better.

Granted the Spanish poster for 'Upside Down' is the same graphic as ours but the sentiment is much warmer. The title translates (roughly) as 'A Love of (or, literally, 'Enters') Two Worlds'. Come on -- really. That's so much better than the almost juvenile 'Upside Down'.

The tagline on the Spanish version is (you'll excuse me) from another world: "Is love stronger than gravity?" That's good. That sells, although not to an American audience apparently.

The tag on the US version is as cold and conceptual as you'd expect: "Two worlds. One future." Yeah, got it. Doesn't make me care about the plight of the characters but, got it.


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