Friday, February 22, 2013

A Reason To Watch

Ben Kinglsey looks menacing as the Mandarin. And, not comic book menacing but like some real guy, some recluse kook you'd not want to cross paths with. He's so good it gives me a reason to think 'Iron Man 3' might be worth watching. You need a great bad guy to make the good guy effective and interesting and Kingley looks to deliver.

The burning look, finger pointed to the head like a gun -- pretty mean. Big sleeves with fancy embroidery is a nice touch, along with the incense and hair done in a topknot -- gives him that flamboyant edge that says 'crazy, but likes the finer things'. Love the dog tags hanging at bottom right. (Just where/who did they come from)? Nasty.

Mandarin may give Iron Man reason to rise to the occasion, and we may get a flick worth watching. How far movie villains have come...


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