Thursday, May 03, 2012

'Somos Lo Que Hay' (We Are What We Are) Remake Gets a Cast

When I saw the first trailer for 'Somos Lo Que Hay', (We Are What We Are) directed by Jorge Michel Grau, back in February 2011, I said it was inevitable there would be a Hollywood remake. Every second of this film vibrates with energy -- reminds me of 'Let The Right One In'. Sure enough, the remake got rolling a while back and yesterday ScreenDaily announced Riley Keough, Julia Garner, Bill Sage and Wyatt Russell have joined the cast of director Jim Mickle’s take.

Of these actors Keough, probably, is on the strongest trajectory having gotten good reviews for 'The Runaways' and just wrapped Steven Soderbergh's 'Magic Mike'.

Garner appeared in the high-profile, among critics at least, 'Martha Marcy May Marlene'.

Sage has done some strong indie work, 'High Art' and 'American Psycho', and gobs of TV.

Russell did 'Cowboys & Aliens' and has 'This Is 40' coming up.

This is a special group. These guys have chops -- that certain something -- and in all likelihood represent the next-gen top-tier. That they were all snagged for one movie is worth noting.

Mickle is best known for 'Stake Land' which was nicely styled and got mixed but fairly good reviews. The movie struck me as the work of a director with something to say. Excuse the expression, but Mickle has a vision. I'm confident he'll be well known down the road.

I'm thinking this remake will mark a turning point for the careers of everyone involved. Don't see 'We Are What We Are' doing great box office but it should be strong as a stream/rental and on cable/TV. It seems likely it will be considered one of the stronger examples of the genre -- a fave among cinephiles.


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