Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Total Eye Candy Trailer for 'Total Recall'

Director Len Wiseman did a good job in his turns with the 'Underworld' series and 'Live Free or Die Hard' had a pretty good look. Writers Kurt Wimmer (Salt) and Mark Bomback (Unstoppable, Live Free or Die Hard) have chops so, on paper (so to speak), this movie should have what it takes.

There's something working against this one, though. Action seems watered down somehow. Visually, it's put together nicely but doesn't spark, doesn't look original or new. Matrix-esque shots are well-cut but we've seen bullet time before. A lot of the other eye candy is a blend of 'Blade Runner' and 'The Fifth Element' with familiar bits from other movies.

I'm not sensing much heat online. Looking like a strong rental at this point.


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