Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fakey Comic-Bookish Poster for 'Prometheus' Doesn't Just Spoil, It Flaunts. Ridley Scott Plays Us For Fools -- or -- Just Doesn't Care...

Okay, really. Either the marketing for 'Prometheus' has been taken over by an evil entity or we're being bamboozled. This new poster would seem to give away the entire Act III. The Prometheus is crashed into the horseshoe ship in order to keep it from going to Earth (presumably to deliver its payload of weaponized organisms in order to exterminate the entire human race) which leaves the crew stranded on the planet (to await events of 'Prometheus 2').

(Okay, I know we've seen footage of the HS crashing but that doesn't mean it was rammed by the Prometheus. Does it? No way. We're being played here).

Well, isn't that something we would have wanted to learn at the theater while watching the movie? No, this poster can't be real. One clue is the poor graphic quality, especially the fireballs falling from the wreckage. It's cheesy (who would've thought that would ever apply to anything associated with 'Prometheus'). The high values are almost blown (I toned them down a bit but still they're too hot). The dynamic range of imagery from 'Prometheus' up to now has been excellent. Another indication is the tone -- it's from another movie altogether -- one with the words 'Attack' and 'Another Planet' in the title. Another indication this is fake is just how completely story-wrecking this imagery is. This could be (must be) a hoax. Perhaps 'misdirection' is the better descriptor seeing that we're just a few weeks from the movie's release and with all the plot speculation out there Scott and crew wanted to have some fun.

Really, this is completely out of character for an otherwise elegant, subtly intelligent campaign. At any rate the motives behind releasing this overwrought comic book frame have to be examined.

I'm voting for misdirection, curve ball, sly sleight of hand. Scott is just too smart. If not, well, that means Scott has yet another ace to play or, well, we know precisely what's going to happen and, with a couple weeks of spoilerific trailers and stills and posters yet to be released, we'll know the entire movie beat by beat before it hits theaters.

So. To sum up. Here are the possible conclusions one can come to:

1) Ridley Scott is dumb and doesn't care about spoilers being released or the graphic quality of posters for 'Prometheus' because...what the hell, or

2) Ridley Scott is not dumb. He's smart. And if you buy this poster you're playing into his hand.

Please let it be choice #2

Here's a pretty clear indication this poster is a joke. Look at the engine of the Prometheus. It's in the landing position. Why would you ram a ship is such a way? You wouldn't. You'd head straight into it. Visually, that would be more exciting (as well as lining up with what we know about Kamikaze tactics) and it just makes more sense.

As pictured, the Prometheus has approached the HS but used a braking maneuver at the last moment...why? To lessen the impact?

Sorry. Doesn't fly (so to speak). This is a joke. This could be the cover of a fantasy novel but it's not the new poster for 'Prometheus'.


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