Wednesday, May 16, 2012

'Prometheus' Viral Vid: Dr. Elizabeth Shaw Asks Peter Weyland for Funding


If the conclusions I came to are correct, the Space Jockeys not only waited for us to attain a certain level of technological advancement before springing their surprise, they also wanted us to have developed a desire to want to know where we came from. Not to know God, per se, but to want to find a tangible metaphysical answer. That is, to be able to go to a place and actually find, study, and return to Earth with evidence proving where we came from and why we are here.

This fits. The SJ would have wanted this before initiating their, shall we call it a 'solution'? Perhaps 'resolution' is more correct. In fact, curiosity combined with a deep scientific understanding of the universe would be prerequisites. You can't go to a distant planet searching for your origins if you are technologically unable to embark on such a trip and, on top of that, don't care to know what's out there.

In this video Dr. Elizabeth Shaw seeks funding for a trip to the planet where she believes she will find proof we did not evolve on Earth by ourselves, without assistance from intelligent overseers. It would take the research and theories of a brilliant scientist like Dr. Shaw supported by the resources of a giant corporation like Weyland Industries to make such a mission possible. And, these are the very things -- scientific advancement, a driving curiosity about matters of being, and massive wealth -- which are the markers which indicate we have reached the point in our evolution when, as a race, we are ready for elimination. Or, more precisely, we have reached a point when our elimination has become necessary.

The search for our beginning could lead to our end. Why it is that, once you reach the point where you are able to find the answers to timeless questions you must be wiped out? Whatever you call it -- solution, resolution, whatever -- the SJ mechanism employs an elegant brutality the logic of which can't really be argued with.


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