Tuesday, May 15, 2012

'The Amazing Spider-Man' 4-Minute Preview

Lemme make this clear. I don't care about Spider-Man. There, I said it. Batman, Superman, Masked-Man, you name it. They do very little for me. However, the opening bridge attack sequence is...good. Okay, I was slack-jawed. Scene is loaded, then re-loaded on top of that, and is infused with theme/character.

The real news, though, is the number of views this YouTube video has gotten in one day.

Yeah, I'm not a fan but I'll be there, along with a bunch of other people, from the looks of it. This flick looks to be about a guy who becomes Spider-Man and deals with the inherent dilemmas and difficulties in a way that's compelling, not a vapid by-the-numbers summer popcorn product designed (solely) to sell tickets (and action figures) that happens to feature Spider-Man.

I'll be there because I care about story and we may have a story here. That's always worth the price of a ticket.


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