Monday, May 07, 2012

'Prometheus' R-Rating?

Over at AvPGalaxy they've put up a shot of a pre-sales ticket stub (from an IMDb board).

First -- $16?! Wow. Second, the ticket has a big R on it and that might be good news. I very much hope 'Prometheus' ends up being R-rated. That's what we need. That's what I want (especially for 16 freaking dollars). R. Nasty R. Not shiny happy what's-that-in-the-shadows oh no! PG-13 product. We get enough of that. We see that every superhero movie. The stilted dialogue that's loaded with not very subtle subtext, the silly lighting/hair/wardrobe, the edgy-but-in-a-safe-way action, the political correctness, the predictable beats. Summer is full of that stuff. I can't stomach that from 'Prometheus'. If 'Prometheus' is going to be PG-13 it might as well have Johnny Depp in a lead role.

Here's hoping.


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