Friday, May 04, 2012

'Neighborhood Watch' Becomes 'The Watch', Loses Shots in Cars, Gets Awkward Red Band Trailer

Yup. The word 'Neighborhood' has been excised from the title. And, now the trailer has no shots of the guys actually in the car patrolling the neighborhood. They're shown having just gotten out of the car with the car parked, closing the door, near the car, but not in the car.

Would imagine any shot of someone wearing a hoodie was cut from the movie as well. Any scenes with anybody on the phone while in a car have probably been cut, along with any use of the word 'suspicious' or (the newly forbidden) 'he/she/it is acting suspicious'.

Trailer is comprised of long-ish takes/scenes and plays a tad clunky. Could get worse, I'm guessing.


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