Friday, August 12, 2011

Police Blow Up Lame-Ass Screenwriter's Script

No. It's not a misleading headline designed to hook readers. Actually happened. Some schlub writer (I feel I have license to call him that) left a screenplay in a briefcase at the Above the Line Agency with a note attached directing that it be delivered 'to an agent'.

From NYT:

The Beverly Hills police called the bomb squad at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, who were taking no chances. They sealed off the 400 block of Camden Drive and evacuated dozens of people from nearby businesses on Rodeo Drive and Santa Monica Boulevard. Then they blew up the briefcase. It was standard procedure for suspicious packages, a police official said.

What's really painful, though, is the comment by Rima Greer, head of the agency. "There are hundreds of these guys." Hundreds? Really? Ouch.

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