Tuesday, August 09, 2011

New Detail-Oriented Less Sparkly Trailer for 'Like Crazy'

A few days ago we got the first teaser. It played great, atmospheric, sparkly. Went down like magic spread on toast. Check it out:

Now, wasn't that just lovely? How many trailers are that loaded with touchy-feely moments? All played out over a very 'whispered-in-your-ear' rendition of Fools Rush In by Ingrid Michaelson. Come on -- that works. (I'll wait till you catch your breath and dry your eyes before I continue).

Okay. Now we get this full trailer. Still nice, but busy. Too many details. If there's any magic left it's a tad obscured, you have to sift through the bits and pieces to find it. I guess I don't really need to know that much of what happens in a movie like this. I just want the trailer to make me an offer, a promise so lush...so filled with potential.

The details? -- Just get in the way. Do we really need to know all that other stuff? Doesn't it weigh things down a bit? Like the part when the guy says she'll be 'placed on the plane immediately and returned to the UK' -- total buzz kill. I'm just getting into it and, wham!, boilerplate legal-speak.

Here's the literal-minded talky plot-centric version. While the teaser makes you want to go out, risk it all, and fall in love, this will make you want to see that your passport and/or visa are in order in case you happen to fall in love with someone that lives in another country and you find yourself needing to fly back and forth a lot and you don't want to be pulled out of line at the airport and escorted to the security office and listen to a spiel from a uniformed guy then plead your case to a judge who, unfortunately, 'can't lift the ban' -- stuff like that. That's what this new full trailer does for you. But, hey, it does comes with a mini featurette for 'Captain America' and his shield. Gotta like that, right? Enjoy...


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