Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Banner Posters for 'Drive'

The promo materials for this flick have been supremely confident. Like, this first banner -- shouldn't work, shouldn't have been released, but it's great. How I can't figure. Ryan Gosling (the star of the movie no less) has his back turned -- yet this graphic clicks perfectly.

Pure confidence. They know they have a winner.

This one has beautiful long lines. Great contrast of clutter vs. negative space in the opposing corners. Nice arch across the top. The angle of the barrel of the pistol lines up with the inside and outside edges of the side-view mirror and the edge of the steering wheel. Upper right corner of window is tucked nicely under Gosling's nose (an odd thing perhaps but, graphically, works).

Great moody capture of Ron Perlman.

And...Albert Brooks delivers. Notably, his is the only banner with the title on the right.

Even the tag "There are no clean getaways" has a nice zing. Flows, thematic, hints at plot.

Great banners.

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