Thursday, August 25, 2011

'Father's Day' Shocksploitation Poster

Designed by Tom Hodge, the same guy that did one of the best posters of the year, 'Hobo with a Shotgun'.

A few comments by Hodge:

The title design was supplied for this one and the design is quite a square block so i had to center things around it in the layout as its not a format which i could just run along the bottom of the poster. I then worked the main characters in a sort of pyramid form (with them almost coming out of the title and looming away into the distance... a bit of a homage to the man who loved cat dancing poster there!) surround by the flames which work great as a vehicle to frame the characters and they also do have a meaning... but you need to watch the film to find out what!!

Hit the link (above) for the rest. For reference, here's the poster for 'The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing':

Here's the Hobo poster.

Absolutely great. Love this guy's work. Here's his blog aka The Dude Designs.

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