Monday, June 20, 2011

Trailer for 'The Retirement of Joe Corduroy'

Was very surprised to find out this trailer is for a short film. Production value is just right for a 70s style flick. Performances, editing, and camera are spot on.

Looking forward to it.

The Retirement of Joe Corduroy - Trailer from Mike P. Nelson on Vimeo.

Here's the producer's write up:

Bad guys die, Summer 2011.
The first trailer for my Minnesota Grant funded film.
Shot on RED with a Cooke T3 18-100 zoom.

Joe Corduroy is retiring. He has approached the beginning of the end. After his nephew is the victim of a violent crime, this gentle dentist declares payback on the lowly scum of the streets. In an act of vengeance, Joe seeks out unsuspecting criminals to enforce his own form of vigilante justice; a bullet in the back.

Nice calling card. Can imagine this as a feature. Good luck.


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