Monday, June 20, 2011

Idea for a Movie

Illustration by James Yamasaki for The Stranger

I'm reading this guy's account, 'Bellhop Confidential' in the Seattle weekly The Stranger, of being a bellhop at one of Seattle's boutique hotels and thinking, 'This sounds like voice-over in the beginning of a movie'. Here's a bit of it:

...there were the guests who were just so high-voltage that a palpable current of electricity surrounded their arrival, their departure, and every request they made in between. Some of these ├╝ber-celebrities were bundled in through the unmarked entrance in the back alley, hustled past the tiny Filipino women in the laundry room and the gamey rows of employee lockers. John Popper of Blues Traveler fame came in the front door like everybody else. Elton John? The back. The B-52s? The front. Tom Cruise? Definitely the back. And then there was Britney.

I can just see the steady-cam tracking shot now.

For the movie rights contact Ben Bishop. I'm sure it'll be a hit.


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