Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tweaked Poster for 'Point Blank'

Distributor must feel they have a hot property with 'Point Blank'. They spent some money to tweak this poster. And it shows -- it's better than previous one sheets, which used the same image but featured a protagonist without a gun running in a way more boring alley, thus:

Ah, the wonders of digital manipulation (double entendre intended).


hotter trailer (if you haven't seen this one, check it out) [of course, I suppose you can't tell whether you've seen it just from a link called 'hotter trailer'. that doesn't tell you anything. well, click it, watch a few seconds, and if you recognize it, keep watching anyway, you'll be glad you did. if you don't recognize it, that means you haven't seen it and should definitely keep watching].

Did you watch the (hotter) trailer? Good, huh? See? TOLDJA! (potential [pending] copyright infringement intended)

'Point Blank' (À Bout Portant) is looking fantastic. Pure action, infused with story, inhabited by characters with depth. From Fred Cava, who gave us 'Pour Elle' (For Her), remade as 'The Next Three Days' with Russell Crowe, directed by Paul Haggis.

Must see.

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