Saturday, May 21, 2011

Anne Thompson talks with Ryan Gosling

When the clip (below) hit a couple weeks ago I knew 'Drive' had the potential to soar. Tight, lean, strong forward motion, no wasted energy, totally confident camera.

Ryan Gosling's work is minimalist yet projects depth. He flits from one emotional state to another in a natural, non-technical way. It's as if the camera wasn't there and it catches you off guard.

Movie has a very 70s feel, as many have said. If you haven't seen the clip, take a look:

Anne Thompson interviews Gosling at Cannes. Also tight, lean, with good forward motion. Great insight into the genesis of the flick.

That's one of the best interviews I've seen. Thanks.

Gosling picks his projects judiciously and it pays off (from all accounts -- 'Drive' is getting great reviews). Director Nicolas Winding Refn is one to watch.

Can't wait.

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