Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Posters for 'À Bout Portant' (Point Blank)

Written and directed by Fred Cavayé who was the man behind 'Pour Elle' (Anything For Her), which was remade by Paul Haggis under the title 'The Next Three Days' starring Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks.

Have not seen either, but am guessing the original is a far more visceral experience. Check out this still.

Diane Kruger as Lisa Auclert (wife of protagonist Julien) in 'Pour Elle'. Could this look be produced by a Hollywood director? This vibe, energy. It sizzles with emotion. Carries tons of subtext. It's not even clear whether she wants her husband to believe she is innocent.
Very Euro. Complex. Smart. This is exactly why I like foreign film so much.

Hollywood can be so on-the-nose. Often, silly dialogue explains what should be done non-verbally.

Looking forward to seeing 'Pour Elle' and comparing it to 'The Next Three Days'.

'À Bout Portant' is getting strong reviews. Here's a couple stills.

The tags on the posters are a bit funny. The top one 'Il a 3 heures pour sauver sa femme' means 'He has 3 hours to save his wife'. In 'Pour Elle' (The Next Three Days), the man had, that's right, 3 days to save his wife. These guys can't catch a break. Next, it'll be 3 minutes.

Will check out Cavayé's work.

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