Thursday, May 19, 2011

Clips from 'Good Neighbors'

I ran a trailer and poster yesterday -- mostly out of inertia. If a creepshow looks like it has potential and decent production value I run it. However, trailer left me feeling movie could go either way. Poster didn't help. Thing is, the tone reminds me of 'Shallow Grave' -- a bit self-aware, smarter than you think, and well-crafted, so I gave my doubts the day off and posted the materials.

Over at Quiet Earth I happened upon this assessment of the trailer, which I have to agree with. Really, can't believe they went there. What do I mean? Won't say. Even typing the words is just so anti-story I can't bring myself to do it, but suffice it to say there's a major spoiler. (But, when you think about it the inclusion of this element may be a reflection of just how confident the director, Jacob Tierney, is. That is, it's one of those things a really smart audience will see coming, or think may be a possibility, so when it happens it'll cheapen the experience, so Tierney beats us to the punch by including it in the trailer).

So, like Marina says, check out the trailer if you want but I urge you to skip it. Instead, watch these clips that I lifted from QE. They're knowing, loaded with craft, creepy, and a lot of fun. This is a movie for film buffs.

goodneighbours1 by blankytwo

goodneighbours2 by blankytwo

goodneighbours3 by blankytwo

Love her stroking the cat's tail and the placement of the guy's hand in last seconds. Very, um, suggestive on a level the viewer would probably not realize in the moment. You'd need to watch again to catch that kind of thing. This is work by a capable director.

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