Friday, May 13, 2011

Hesher Loves Metallica

Usually cast interviews are by-the-numbers affairs. You know the drill. The stars try to say interesting things without out looking too plastic or bored or like they have someplace else to be. The interviewer tries to ask questions that haven't been asked a thousand times. A lot of times these interviews have a definite squirm factor. We try to watch -- often we don't make it to the end. Everybody tries. did a good job with their 'Hesher' cast interview. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rainn Wilson, and director Spencer Susser all come off as real people who mean what they say. You can tell they're proud of the movie, know it's good.

Did not know Metallica was shown an early cut of 'Hesher' and liked it so much they allowed their music to be used in the movie (apparently free of charge). Um, like, wow. Gordon-Levitt doesn't give details but I'm sure there was no money to license music from Metallica in the 'Hesher' budget and it's just plain beyond cool the group donated their tunes.

I thought the metal look in the 'Hesher' logo was generic, simply reflected the badass young tough guy thing. Turns out the protagonist loves Metallica, especially their early stuff, according to Susser. So, the logo design in the movie poster isn't a coincidence.

Head over if you haven't seen the interview. I embedded a short zombie film by Susser which is mentioned by Wilson. It's called 'I Love Sarah Jane' and is well worth watching. Susser is the kind of director actors are going to line up to work with.

'Hesher' is looking more and more like the real deal. This one may carve out a place as an indie classic.

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