Monday, March 12, 2007

That's 'Mr. Zombie' To You

Rob ZombieRob Zombie is currently working on his remake of "Halloween". MTV has some great behind-the-scenes interviews with the principals including Malcolm McDowell (who offers his rendition of Dr. Loomis), and Scout Taylor-Compton (who puts her spin on Laurie Strode).

It seems Mr. Zombie (I don't know him well enough to call him 'Rob') is out to make a horror movie with a conscience saying, "It's never random killing for no reason."

The director also plans a logical approach that was missing in the original. About the fact that Myers could drive in John Carpenter's classic original he says, "Michael Myers does not know how to drive in this movie, because that always bothered me. They would always play that off like someone must have given him lessons, but you know no one gave him lessons! He's in a maximum-security prison! So he doesn't drive."

Well. I like this guy. Straight-talking, easy-going...not the 'hidden agenda' type at all -- zombie-esque in the best sense. That thing with Myers driving always bothered me too, damn it! You tell 'em Mr. Zombie. You rock.

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