Tuesday, July 02, 2013

'The Conjuring': Very 70s, Very Sure

Looking forward to 'The Conjuring'. Everything I've seen has that feel, that solidness you get when the conceit is played seriously, and the acting isn't hammed up or self-conscious. There's a commitment here and we don't see that much these days, not since the 70s really -- back when audiences hadn't been subjected to every editing shock technique a million times and were still willing to get involved in a ghost story that didn't rely on extreme gore or VFX tricks.

These clips have a smooth flow, unhurried feel, and the camera remains relatively still. The action doesn't come off over stylized and a lot happens out of view, which hands things over to the audience's imagination -- something of a lost art in movies anymore.

Another plus is Vera Farmiga's care in selecting projects to be involved with. Hopefully, that bodes well for this screenplay. Also, though James Wan directs, the title has an elegance lacking in words like 'Saw' or 'Insidious'. It would seem they're going for something different.

This might shake up the status quo. If 'The Conjuring' scores we'll see more quiet, linear, sensible, and hopefully character-rich creepshows.



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